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G-DAVD is a Reims Cessna FR172 Hawk XP built in 1978. I bought it in Germany where it was registered D-EFJT. I obtained my PPL at the end of 1996 and the night rating soon after that. I'm currently working towards my IMC rating. You can see larger versions of these images by clicking on the pictures.

 G-DAVD parked  G-DAVD moody shot before early morning take-off
640x512 jpeg. 640x480 jpeg.
 G-DAVD at North Coates  G-DAVD at North Coates
640x512 jpeg. 640x512 jpeg.

Here are some more pictures of G-DAVD

Mazda MX-5

The Japanese call it a Eunos Roadster (this one spent its first few years in Japan). The Americans call it the Miata. Whatever you want to call it, it is one of the most fun cars I have ever driven. Unfortunately the Lancashire Police didn't see the fun when they stopped me for speeding on a cold but sunny December morning. Ouch! You can see larger images by clicking on the small ones.

 The MX-5 on the beach  The MX-5 by the lake
1279x1023 jpeg (102kB). 1277x1021 jpeg (122kB).


UK weather is not always the best for open top motoring. Mavis is my trusty transport for all weathers, and I can fit my mountain bike inside. Mavis is a Land Rover Discovery TDi. The name Mavis comes from the Rev. W. Awdry's Thomas the Tank Engine series of children's stories, her namesake was also a black diesel. Click on the thumbnail image to see a larger version, a 1280x1024 jpeg (150kB).

 Muddy Mavis

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