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Sadly, Simba died on 22nd November 2006. He is greatly missed. His web page is left here in memory.

Miaow. I'm Simba. I was born on the 16th of July 2000, when Dave and Jo were on their honeymoon in Tanzania. They gave me a Swahili name that means lion. I came to live with Dave and Jo on September 9th, it's an exciting new world. There's a big cat called Hobbs, but he seems quite rude, he just ignores me. I'm only young, but at 8 weeks old, Dave thought it was time I learned something about web design, so here are the results.

I spent the first few weeks of my life with my Mum and my brothers and sisters at the Animals at Risk Shelter in Stopsley, Luton. Why not visit their web site and perhaps send them a donation to help them continue the excellent work they do.

I've got a few pictures of myself for you to look at. The first bunch were taken when I was just 6 weeks old.

Click on any of the small images to display a larger version.

They bought a new carpet then got me!

This looks like a good place to hide

Comfy sofa

Hmm - would I like a drink?

This makes a good climbing frame

What a cutie!

Nice house

Pesky mice

Finished all that food

This is fun

That's enough of this sofa

Try a different sofa

The next pictures were taken when I was nearly five months old.

Click on any of the small images to display a larger version.

The plant fascinates me

That dynamite doesn't fool me at all

On the climbing frame

Cuddly dynamite

I love string

The string seems to have come off


Curled up with Hobbs

I had a little accident and broke my leg. The vet had to operate on me and I was in a cage for over three weeks. I had this silly blue bandage on my leg, it was quite annoying, but I coped OK. It's all healed up nicely now and I can run about just like before.

Click on any of the small images to display a larger version.

My blue bandage

Cage rest