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Obviously there is more than one Dave Driver in this world, I have met at least three others so far in my life. Sadly only one of us can own the domain name DaveDriver.com, and I was the first one to claim it, that's just the way it works. Now I don't want to be mean about this, so if you are another Dave Driver I can offer you a mention here, or a link to another web site if you have one, maybe even a sub-domain. Just drop me an email, let me know something about you, where you live or come from, whatever, and I will happily create a link or a short mention on this page.

This is not an attempt to locate every Dave Driver in the world. That sort of thing has already been done to great effect by the comedian Dave Gorman (http://www.DaveGorman.com) It would be interesting though, to hear from some other Dave Drivers.