Jo and Dave's Honeymoon

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The Seacliff Hotel in Dar Es Salaam, where we spent the first night of our honeymoon

The view from our room at the Seacliff

The Cessna 208 Caravan which runs a daily scheduled service to the Selous game Park

Taking off from the airstrip at the Selous Safari Camp

A lizard

The hunnymooners on a safari boat


Some Eland

A hippo splashing around

Hippos cooling off

Are they floating logs?

...or are they hippos?

Hippo in the bushes


Close shot of a hippo

Herd of elephants


Wild dog

Wild dog

Wild dog

Two impala. Rear end sponsored by MacDonalds?

Quite a few impala


Pussy cat relaxing

Stalking some prey

I can smell something...

A bit close for comfort?

Oops, must have run over something sharp

Soon have it fixed




Another twiga


More tembo

This one was a bit curious about our tent

so he came for a closer look. Notice the guy rope.

A young twiga, in kindergiraffen

Water buffalo

More giraffes

Nellie the elephant packed her trunk...

...and said goodbye to the circus... they went with a trumpety trump...

Doing it like they do on the Discovery Channel

Baobab tree

Baobab tree

Hyenas and vultures getting stuck in to a dead wildebeest

The vultures waiting around like... well, vultures

A couple of stripey horses

Zebra and wildebeest

Pride of lions


More lions


Water buffalo

Water buffalo

Hunnymooners with a guide and driver. Neat safari truck

Dave having a refreshing bitter lemon



Croc going for a swim

Hippo in the fast moving Rufiji River

Count the crocs

Sunset over the Rufiji River


Our dinner's out there somewhere

Think I'll have a snooze




A few cubs

Playing with a stick, just like a kitten

Lions of all ages

Several giraffes

Luxury tent accomodation

Double bed, electricity, all comforts...

basin with running water, flush wotsit...

firm comfy bed with a view

the shower (hot and cold) in the little tent at the back, and on the left the water boiler

The "Ark". Where we ate, drank and socialised.

The inside. The guy sitting at the bar is Sal, the manager

The view from up there

The Caravan coming back to pick us up

5H-HOT on the ground at the strip, engine still running

Approaching one of the other strips in the Selous

The airport at Zanzibar

Stone Town, Zanzibar