Captain and Flynn on the beach in Norfolk 2006

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The view from on board Flynn

Captain "I'm not too sure what to make of this"

Seems to be safe enough

I'm getting a little braver now

Flynn & Captain pose for a photo

... and another

How much longer do we have to pose for?

We've stood still so long we seem to be sinking

Paddock for the night & something to eat!

I'm feeling a little more relaxed now.

A lovely morning and here comes my Mum

I wonder what they have planned for us today, I'm a bit tired

Hey where are you going, don't leave me!

I've finally coped with getting my feet wet

I'm having an Irish moment

I wonder what is down there

I think I'm supposed to just stand here

No Mum, I don't want to look at the camera again

Oh good some more rest time and grass

Susan tries to wear Flynn's tail

I think I'll go over there.

Hang on Mum is calling, better go and see what she wants

Well I'm here, what do you want

No, we won't stand together for a photo

Susan tries to convince Captain to move closer to Flynn

We just want to eat!

Flynn braving to walk towards the sea

I think this is near enough Mum, I'm not sure it's safe

The water seems to be chasing me, I want to go now

I really don't want to be near that water

I'm safe standing here, I think

Captain leading the way

Ok I'll stand for another photo

I wonder what's going on over there

How much longer do I have to stand still?

There is a lot to look at here


Captain's first ever trot in water (4.2MB)

Flynn trotting in water (2.6MB)

Captain learning that water can be fun (6.1MB)

Captain braving deeper water (4.3MB)

Water is no longer a problem (5.9MB)

Flynn plays in the water and Captain wants to join him (2.7MB)

Flynn comes back and all is OK (2.7MB)