Fernie 2001

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John, Bodds, palm trees in Manchester

Pete, Bodds, palm trees in Manchester

Chris, Bodds, and no palm trees in Manchester

Jo M having a rest



Pete, Jo M, Chris, Dave

View up the Cedar Bowl

Trees and snow...

Trees at the top of White Pass chair

Jo D. and some horses

Making friends with the locals

Fun in Curry Powder

Lost in the trees

Ski group in the Cedar Bowl

What's he doing down there?

A challenging double black diamond

Face Lift at the top of Lizard Bowl

Looking down Face Lift

View into the valley

Chris enjoying himself

Beer and toast in the tub

Dave in the tub

Snow Creek

John, a hot tub

Pete and a tub

Bertie Bassett in the Bear's Den

Girls in the kitchen

Chris's BBQ at -18C

Eating the BBQ

Chris after a tough day

Pete after a tough day

The group at the top of the Boomerang

Bear Ridge and Grizzly Peak

Top of Boomerang chair

The Elk Valley

Chris at a Black signpost

Traversing onto Trillium

In Cedar bowl with Grizzly Peak behind

Grizzly from Cruiser

Jo D on Cruiser

Fernie and the Elk Valley

John and Pete on Falling Star with Mammoth Head behind

Dave in The Cottage restaurant

Jo M and JTB in The Cottage restaurant

Evil Chris

Evil Pete

Jo and her own little world

Laa Laa and a wee wee hut

New snow in the Lizard Bowl

Hot choccy in the Bears Den

Beer in the Griz Bar

More beer in the Griz Bar.

Whiteout at the top of the White Pass chair

The double blacks into Lizard Bowl

Jo, Jo and Dave on the Facelift

Fernie Town from Lizard Bowl

Fernie Alpine Resort from Lizard Bowl

Top of the Bear Chair

Looking through the trees across Lizard Bowl with a low sun and atmospheric shadows and light cloud, and pointy trees and a skier.

View from the condo, John, Chris and Pete

Jo D. in the lounge

First Tracks

Bear chair top, Facelift and lizard bowl

Face-lift line

From the top of White Pass chair, excellent bowls!

Jo & Jo in the bowls

Fernie town

View from the front of First Tracks

View from the front of First Tracks

View from the front of First Tracks

Hmmm, Dave in control (NOT!)

Dave down, Jo laughing

I like telemark skiing I love trees!

Chris & Grizzly Peak

A man in a 1980s grey suit

A man in a 1980s grey suit and Grizzly Peak

Port in Lizard Creek lounge

Of course by this time I was very, very, drunk...

Teddy and Auntie Jo

Beer in the Griz Inn

Do you like my hair?

After a hard day at the office

The Back door

To the skiing

Nearly on the piste

On the piste

A piste tunnel

The Livingstone Range